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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
The show seems ok but the lack of subs is a put off as you cant really enjoy the show fully if you cant understand what they're saying.
and another actor who played a character in both bsg and caprica, Ryan Robbins.
having Luciana Carro play two different roles through out this tv series and bsg made her character a bit confusing due to the stories behind both characters and the difference in time between them.
its funny how they associate the US national anthem with death in this series. for a sci fi series this lacks sci fi apart from flying ships and old guns that fire lazors really lets it down. I only checked out this series as I watched the serenity movie and didnt know about the series.
asgedomy because she is going to frame joe as the killer of the other guy. Having Kathy around would of put her story at risk so she was killed. So you can see its very simple really if you think about it, not stupid at all.
The Outpost Season 1 Episode 1
this tv series is really cheesy. Death scenes are really fake its so obvious.
Arrow Season 6 Episode 14
That ending was right on the money.... if you're going to do that to someone you dont deserve to be in their life.
Lost Girl
The show wasnt bad however they took the role of powerful women a bit to far with the main character.
Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 11
Even though this tv series is some what interesting, I find the main character irritating. Not only did she bounce back and forth between two of the other characters with her so called magic box but she struts around believing everything should always go her way. Heres hoping they kill her off eventually and focus more on the other characters.
Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 1
ardwordin there are white people in there but they're cops. This show seems to be showing black oppression which is kinda screwed up considering this day and age
Glee Season 1 Episode 2
lmfao@ the guy blowing his load while kissing that girl
nevertheless, if its boring why are you watching it? not only did you waste your time watching it but you wasted your time posting too.
Ghost Wars Season 1 Episode 5
Even if it was mistake and not intentional, seeing what Doug did in this episode was justice in its own way. The laws we live by today seems to let people off with lighter sentences regardless of if a life is lost. imo a life for a life
interesting show but jamies character was really only good in the first season after that she ended annoying and should be killed off
The OA
this show wasnt bad, a little slow in some areas and it left me with two questions. firstly was her story actually made up or did it really happen and the second question was, what sort of armed gunman would stand there and not cap someone after seeing them jump up fast as a potential threat.