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Just a girl, that likes watching a lot of TV shows... I also like dank memes so if you're selling some hit me up.

Favorite Series
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1
Soon.. can't wait to see Cersei's annoying face again...
monkpro well I want to but i just hate these "filler" episodes, not the funny ones those are awesome, the ignore the main season plot ones like hunting normal monsters... it's just boring...
Made it to season 8 but I can't bother to finish it... sorry... too boring... it was nice until it got to long for me.
Once Upon a Time
Well goodbye it was a pretty nice show... I love how it still continues with other people... Really amazing!
Wayward Pines
Season 2 turned out so bad, just don't watch it, just watch season 1 that's the best don't waste time on season 2 shit....
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 13
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 9
Can you shut the fuck up? Burgundy?
13 Reasons Why
Season 2? Please, maybe with same story, different people, or same people different story..? xD
Legion Season 1 Episode 8
FOR REAL , o hoi wats dat thing,, aww shoot it sucked me up and trapped me damn... xDDDD
HOW TF DOES NO ONE GET IT? I must be some kind of a genius then... (i'm not) people just don't try....
Legion Season 1 Episode 6
@Duecewithjuice ikr it was so easy to understand but no body gets it... and her husband is trying to save them and help them that's why everyone is seeing him....
Supernatural Season 5 Episode 20
Nice warning thank you! vvv
Supernatural Season 5 Episode 13
aww Cas is so cute he calls Sam his friend x33
Supernatural Season 5 Episode 4
ffs Cas is hilarious, tho i like him better "serious"... xD
Supernatural Season 4 Episode 18
OMMGG that foreshadowing xDD
Legion Season 1 Episode 5
Is that David's world now or what? xD
Eh, interesting don't know bout the acting tho...
@nevertheless Ik i get what you're saying, but yeah pretty much the whole point is to be confused. Can't wait for everything to be revealed tho, might make a lil more sense...
@nevertheless of course it's weird it's the whole point of it, besides it not for "junkies" it explains what might happen in someones life, you have no idea how many people are not ill but still are in mental hospitals...
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 7
claudia stilinski is a bitch, ugh I hate her thinking only about herself.
I want more confusing scenes I need these drugs cause i don't want to do those irl xDDD
Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9
Interesting, I like how they got something to do with Lydia's grandmother!
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6
Interesting. So emotional tho xD
Oh my ding-dong gosh, I didn't think it was this amazing. I love trippy stuff like this. . . can't wait for more honestly. . .
The Originals Season 3 Episode 22
If they really get saved, then the show will become shit... Just like TVD OH ELENA IS IN DANGER SAME HER! Whoop Enzo dies... ELena in danger omge save her someone else dies all for her... i think it's finally time they die... or they die in a different season but still die....
The Originals Season 3 Episode 19
Everyone is happy Davina is dead, I'm rooting for Cami to die tho...
The Originals Season 3 Episode 11
OMG ALL THE CRINGE HAHAHA CAMI is soo digusting playing tihs "bad" act ugh can't wait for her to die...
The Originals Season 3 Episode 10
The Originals Season 3 Episode 10
The Originals Season 2 Episode 7
OH wow the story grew so much more than they showed us on TVD, the plot twists ahhhh...
The Originals Season 2 Episode 6
Holy moly, i love how evil Klausy is... xD
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1
I think the episode was delayed?
The Originals Season 2 Episode 4
It has gotten good so far, have to see Klausy scared from his father tho... :<
The Originals
The only thing I hate about this is how Hayley got paired with almost every guy like geez...
The Vampire Diaries
Enjoying it so far!
Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 1
Aw... I love the evil queens sense in fashion but she's annoying just die....
Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 20
PETEYY PANN AHHH <333 love that actor
Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 16
Why I love Regina? SHE smiled while her sister threatened her... NO ONE DOES THAT she was so smug unlike others they put a frown on their face, finally SOME good acting...
We Bare Bears
So funny and cute!
Once Upon a Time
First Hook, now Peter Pan? Wei all the hot guys ;-;
Once Upon a Time
Fantastic series!
Stranger Things
Eggcellent series, adore it!