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The Terror
The season has finished but the dates are wrong and the links not there...
It was announced long ago, that due to ryan phillipe's accident the 2nd season was trimmed down to 8 episodes. Somebody fix the episode list.
Black Mirror
Hey you guys the whole season 2-season 3 episodes are fucked up... Season 2 has 4 episodes, the fourth being White Christmas. S03ep1 titled White Christmas is actually Nosedive, S03Ep2 is actually Playtest and so on...That said. Season 3 is missing the 4th episode which is called "San Junipero"
American Gods Season 1 Episode 1
watchers.to is working
Timeless (2016)
Poorly written. Even the pilot's script has holes the size of "hindenburg". E.g. The find the bomb, on the airship while in flight at night with no one on the ground. With 4 minutes to diffuse it and noone that knows how. What do they do? They try to diffuse it, instead of, lets say, break the nearby window and through it on the ground...Then enters guy who tries to stop them, obviously from the band that planted it, and what does he do? Opens fire! And the bullet just hits the right spot and ka
Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 12
The first likefool.com link is missing 2.5 rather important minutes in the end!!!!Go watch the 2nd link.
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 8
(man with his brains blown by a shotgun)...Lucifer:"At least you can see what he was thinking...". HILARIOUS!!!!!