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  • 8% Science-Fiction
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 8% Thriller
  • 8% Sci-Fi
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Favorite Series

Mythical Beasts
Ehhhh, unless you're a hardcore fan this probably won't suit you. There's a lot of ifs and maybes and could bes. A lot of the "evidence" are just well thought out ideas. Honestly I could probably come up with a few ideas myself within an hour as to why the medieval people thought dragons were real...
Van Helsing
Terrible acting overall. Vanessa is a wannabe badass, it's so cringy and painful to watch her character. The story is good I think, but the acting is terrible from literally all the actors. x.x
Titans (2018)
Acting is pretty bad, the story is quite boring I think. There's no mysteries at all. The action is performed well, but for some reason it still doesn't really excite you.
Good show. It has stupid moments that make no sense, but very good otherwise.
Bodyguard (2018)
Awesome, I hope there'll be a 2nd season.
Attack on Titan
season 3 is out now!!! just not here.
Altered Carbon
I really like the concept, but the story line is pretty stupid. Also Takeshi doesn't care about anybody, and then suddenly he does? Huh?
The Flash
The Flash has gone to ####, I fear. Season 1 was the best.
The Exorcist