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Favorite Series

Z Nation
well...i´ve stayed around for 5 seasons now. The show hasn´t lost it´s "special" sense of humor and that is what keeps me around. It´s not the acting skills or the story. The expactation of what the hell can go wrong know makes me going .
The Expanse
One of the best sci-fi series of the days. great character developement (Amos for ex.) Truly a masterpiece.
The Shannara Chronicles
please fix the dates. The season 2 isnt out yet. Hate when this happens
13 Reasons Why
by the way, love how the Clay character evolves. Hated him at first, but went on being quite a cool kid
13 Reasons Why
It´s not the greatest serie ever, it´s not bad either. Could say its just above average. I like the tempo: goes from a slow teen party, jocks &drunkness serie, to an emotional rollercoaster. The highlight of the emotional destruction(from the viewers point of view) was the suicide scene. Made me wanna puke. Overall thumbs up for making what could have been a normal and already seen story into something new and fresh. Im glad they didnt close the story telling what happen with each of them. It si
Taboo (2017)
Dark and intense.
Pure Genius
WTF! Almost all the links are down, FOR ALL THE SHOWS!!
Pure Genius
Interesting Pilot. I´ll stay by to see how it develops.
The actress is lovely. That is all thats good with the show. The plot is "childish" and boring. As a lifelong fan of comics I really tried, very hard, too watch and enjoy the series about this character. I must say I'm not only dissapointed, but also I feel ashamed of what has been done to this story. Will absolutely NOT continue to see this show.
The Wrong Girl
Not completly bad, yet not good. Having seen so many US series, its quite refreshing to see an Aussie approach to comedy dramas. I'll keep wathing to see how it all develops.
Boring...Stick to the movie.
Channel Zero
Wait, what? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiit !!!! Now this is strange, even by my standard, but seems good.
Marvel's Luke Cage
badass!!! Almost as good as Daredevil. This must be the show with the best music so far...
MacGyver (2016)
Seems like James bond or Mission Impossible...not McGyver. Could have given another name to the serie, and it would have been decent, but as MacGyver it kind of sucks.
The Last Ship
its an entertaining serie. Not a particularly great one. reminds me of the 80's and 90's action movies, where the bad guy always miss the target and the good guy has infinite ammo and always, no matter how imposible the chanches are, always hits the target. The plot tends to be very basic, but surprises in one or two episodes.