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Drunk History<
Genres : Comedy
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2013
Episode Runtime : 30 m.

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Historical reenactments as narrated by inebriated history buffs as A-list comedy/acting talent perform their tale. (Based on the award-winning web series.)
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Drunk History Episodes

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Gets old very quickly as simply one gag with a writing staff that sucks
2 /10
Fist I read I review I find actually more humorous than the show as it inferred that in between the humor you may learn something about history. My g ...
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1 /10
Some of these reviewers are absolutely clueless. This show is hilarious. "Uneven"??? They're drunk, you ding dong. The one who wrote "I love history ...
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This Seriously Sucks
1 /10
An idea that could have possibly made a decent 10 minute skit on a comedy show like SNL, if only it was a little bit funny. I couldn't watch this gar ...
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Childishly unfunny
1 /10
I have watched this show because I love history and love comedy, I was, however, sorely disappointed by the result... It is exactly what the title cl ...
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A piece of SH*T!!!!
2 /10
This is by far the worst show on Comedy Central. I have loved all of their other shows that I have seen. Tosh.0 is good as well and Inside Amy Schume ...
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1 /10
To be fair to the series, I already knew I wouldn't like it when I decided to watch one, but I found the casting of Weird Al Yankovic as Adolf Hitler ...
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Very uneven but generally fun
6 /10
The premise of "Drunk History" is simple. You have someone sit down and talk about important historical moments in American history....but first you ...
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Very cool. Wish they had this show when I was in HS.
9 /10
A very unique approach to telling history, I must say. I like how they usually start off at a bar and get some introspection from intelligent people ...
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Honest and funny
8 /10
The title says it all: a drunk person will tell you his version of some of the best pieces of American history. This is as honest as can be. And it's ...
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unfortunately on my own behalf
9 /10
as my summary states, unfortunately on my own behalf... i can attest to the multitude of drunken states of our narrators. i am and always have been ( ...
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Love it!
8 /10
Wow. I'm normally a bit hypersensitive to "make-work" programs for talented thespians, and "Drunk History" could sorta be described that way.But it s ...
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Sincerely funny
9 /10
Derek Waters brings his hilarious web series to comedy central, with bigger production values and entertainers replacing historians as the drunken st ...
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