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  • Tercian - 25-06-2017 12:42:17 pm
    3 /10
    all those side story are boring af.
  • FL - 25-06-2017 12:20:50 pm
    10 /10
    Season 2 is planned to air on March 15, 2018. It's going to be a 10 episode season. Hype
  • cameronserle - 25-06-2017 4:19:46 am
    10 /10
    saddest ending ever!! i thought the vampire diaries ending was sad but shit this got me good!!
  • DiazRenzo - 25-06-2017 3:12:43 am
    10 /10
    To all you, The Originals has been renewed for a fifth season, to premiere in 2018. The show lives on. Anytime, you are not certain if a show is coming back or not, check its Wikipedia page. This show it's outstanding, one of my favourites. They do wonders with its limited resoruces.
  • cm871 - 24-06-2017 5:50:59 pm
    1 /10
    It's not the mist that kills them, it is the boring, melodramatic, bad writing. So much promise, so little execution. It is ham-fisted, the setups are glaring, you see everything that is going to happen well ahead of time. 1 minute of mist monsters, 42 minutes of bad soap opera
  • MarbleWings - 24-06-2017 3:30:40 pm
    6 /10
    It's OK. The main reason I keep watching is to hopefully watch Madison die. A good substitute for the walking dead.
  • MarbleWings - 24-06-2017 3:28:37 pm
    6 /10
    It started off so strong, but lately it's like they are running out of ideas... I didn't even finish last season because it didn't hold me. I really hope next season will be better.
  • MarbleWings - 24-06-2017 3:27:05 pm
    10 /10
    I love this show. I admit I get lazy and think "ugh I don't want to be bothered", but as soon as I see an episode I'm like "what was wrong with me?! this is great!"
  • MarbleWings - 24-06-2017 3:21:43 pm
    The show doesn't get good and to the main point until Episode 9 or 10... It was frustrating to watch up until then.
  • Heathscliff - 24-06-2017 11:57:51 am
    Simply Amazing in every aspect. Been years watching this and absolutely gonna miss it! Hoping for another season with the Michaelsons :3
  • Shakhnoza - 24-06-2017 9:57:50 am
    Why the hell did she go into the house and then got into the jacuzzi of a rapist ..that was beyond stupid
  • mysara - 24-06-2017 8:33:11 am
    1 /10
    This review includes spoiler!
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    I have seen t episode 2 and 3 in another site and here I see only episode 1 why not released! yet
  • mysara - 24-06-2017 8:20:55 am
    10 /10
    This review includes spoiler!
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    First Vampire Diaries And Now The Originals can not believe this is the end
  • WoozyWoo - 23-06-2017 11:41:43 pm
    8 /10
    This review includes spoiler!
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    I really like it so far. Some good one liners and yes ... cheesy. But I like cheese!! Easy to watch though jokes on British Weirdness are greatly exaggerated!! I would never have bangers and mash for breakfast!! :D :D
  • sumiblockley - 23-06-2017 11:38:04 pm
    6 /10
    is it just me or does the dog look super sad and scared
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